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    Family Fun in the East

    Get ready for some seriously fun bonding time with your kids at these family-friendly attractions!

    Need to relax with your little ones? There’s no lack of family-friendly activities around East Singapore! With a wealth of activities that you and your child can enjoy together, guests at Capri by Fraser, Changi City can prepare for a fun day out for family bonding.

    Wild Wild Wet

    Situated in Pasir Ris’s entertainment hub, Wild Wild Wet is a water park with thrilling rides and all-around fun for a family vacation. Race with your family members down Kraken Racers with a mat, whizz down the pretzel-shaped water slide The Water Works, and go rafting down a slide in the Ular-Lah! For older children wanting a bit more thrill, the Vortex and Free Fall are great rides to get the heart thumping. The little ones won’t feel left out either with colourful water playgrounds at Splash Play and Professor’s Playground.

    It’s always good to have a slow cruise down the Shiok River after all those exciting rides, where you can chill and talk with your family while relaxing on donut floats and drifting down the perimeter of the park. Don’t miss out on this opportunity for a wild family holiday at Downtown East, accessible via bus and Pasir Ris MRT station.


    Fish@Aranda brings you down a trip on memory lane with modernised prawning and lobster fishing, where you can make some awesome family bonding memories! Fishing rods and bait are provided for you to catch your own prawns and freshwater lobsters which you can bring back after. Alternatively, if you’re up for a grand seafood dinner, you can cook your catch with your kids at one of their BBQ pits and enjoy a bonding night over grilled prawns.

    Fret not if you have younger children, because longkang (drain) fishing is available for the little ones too! Longkang fishing used to be a popular pastime for children in the older generations, where children would squat and attempt to catch small fish with nets and buckets. After a day of fishing, you can relax at their fish spa or feed koi fish at their koi pond.

    Fish@Aranda is located within Aranda Country Club, and is within walking distance from Pasir Ris MRT station.

    Clip n’ Climb

    Rock climbing just got ten times better with Clip n’ Climb’s climbing theme park. With many different themed walls, you can burn off some calories while having fun with the whole family and have fun with your kids at the same time. These walls are a great way to get your kids interested in climbing by training their concentration and motor skills, and can really boost their self-esteem when they reach the top of the walls. More than that, the 19 different themes are definitely a win in any kid’s book! Try out new ways of climbing with “ice picks” at Dry Ice, ropes at Spaghetti Junction and challenge yourself with the hardest wall, Triffit! There’s even a wall called Face To Face where you and your kid can scale the wall together facing each other.

    So warm up and get your sports shoes on and head to Clip n’ Climb for a fun-filled 90min of climbing! Located in Our Tampines Hub, Clip n’ Climb is within walking distance of the Tampines MRT station.

    Pasir Ris Park

    Home to Singapore’s largest playground, Pasir Ris Park is perfect for a family day. A paradise for all children, the playground combines both old and new designs, from a polygonal rope complex where children can swing and climb around, to a transport-themed play area with a space ship and a hydroplane spring swing. That’s not all there is to the park, though- Pasir Ris Park comes with an a-maze-ing maze garden where you and your kids can navigate in and out.

    In addition to the above, renting bicycles or skates and making a trip around the park makes for a great way to enjoy the breeze and sights of the beach while also exercising. But if the traditional beach activities aren’t for you, the Pasir Ris Mangrove Boardwalk is a short distance away, where you and your kids can observe and learn about the mangrove habitat and its inhabitants. Just a walk away from the Pasir Ris MRT station, the Pasir Ris Park makes for some unforgettable family moments.

    With all these interesting destinations in the east of Singapore, you can be sure to have some wholesome fun with your family! Whether you’re bringing along young children or teenagers, this is a good chance for bonding away from all mobile devices.

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