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    The Charm of Changi Village

    Experience the nostalgia and serenity of one of Singapore's oldest coastal parks.

    Singapore is known for its towering office skyscrapers, restored historical buildings and busy city spaces, but most tend to forget the green spaces that exist even within the “concrete jungle” of town. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, Changi Village still retains some of its “kampong” charm and spirit, but still makes for a great destination for some bonding time. Here’s some suggestions as to what you can do at Changi Village.

    Changi Point Coastal Walk

    Along the calming breeze and the rolling waves is the Changi Point Coastal Walk, also known as the Changi East Boardwalk. This trail stretches approximately 2.2km along the coastline of Changi Beach and provides visitors with a rewarding view of the straits towards Johor. Divided into six different districts, the Changi Point Coastal Walk connects the Changi Point Ferry Terminal and the Northeast of Singapore for an unobstructed view of the waters. Suitable for all ages, you can expect to spend some quality time here with your family or friends while enjoying the landscape and the beauty of nature.

    Changi Beach Park

    Changi Beach Park is also worth exploring, being one of the oldest coastal parks in Singapore. You can take a ride along the beach with the bicycle rentals around, bring the kids to enjoy the playgrounds in the vicinity and learn about the dark history of the execution of Chinese locals by the Japanese auxiliary military police during the Japanese Occupation of Singapore on the Changi Beach. Take a break from the hectic city, smell the flowers and enjoy the sights and the experience of being at the beach; sometimes all you need is to appreciate the simple beauty and pleasures of life, away from work and other distractions.

    Changi Point Ferry Terminal

    Near the Changi Beach Park is the Changi Point Ferry Terminal, a place where one can take a ferry or a bumboat from the terminal. Locals usually come here to take a bumboat to other places off Singapore’s coast, such as the traditional and peaceful Pulau Ubin. Families can take a day off by exploring Pulau Ubin together while experiencing how the older generation of Singaporeans lived and appreciating the natural beauty of the island left mostly untouched by urban developments.

    Changi Village Hawker Centre

    Finally, a great way to end off the day is to have some local fare at Changi Village Hawker Centre. Among others is the highly-recommended International Muslim Nasi Lemak, which is famous for its perfectly-fried chicken wings, along with the incomparably well-balanced mix of sambal chili, onions and ikan bilis. Another notable stall to try is the Changi Village Fried Hokkien Mee, with their generous serving of fragrant Hokkien noodles in gravy and stir-fried prawns, slices of pork belly and bits of egg and lard. Need some dessert to cool off? Try the traditional desserts from Mei Lin Leng Re Yin Pin, which includes creations such as Commando Dessert, 5th Coy and 6th Coy, loving named after the owner’s sons’ experiences in National Service (2-year military enlistment for Singaporean males).

    Changi Village is truly a scenic spot in the East to relax and get away from the buzz of the city. If you’re thinking of visiting Changi Village, the easiest way is to get there is by taxi, though getting there by bus is serviceable as well. Alternatively, guests at Capri by Fraser, Changi City can rent a trek bicycle and take a journey through the Eastern Coastal Park Connector Network Cycling Trail. No matter the method of transport, you can be sure to have a peaceful time at Changi Village.

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